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Terms & Conditions


  1. Fees cover 2 week trial or one full term (to be agreed in writing via email). Discounts or refunds will not be given for classes missed by the pupil, unless explicitly arranged with Twickenham Youth Theatre.

2.  Twickenham Youth Theatre should receive fees by the date shown on the invoice.

3.  We offer a 2-week trial session for £30. Before a trial session, parents/guardians will need to complete the Twickenham Youth Theatre registration form. If the pupil joins Twickenham Youth Theatre after the trial period, a new invoice will be issued for the remaining sessions of term, with payment required before the next class. Please note that the trial period is a chance for both applicants and facilitators to see if TYT is a correct 'fit'. Final decisions on membership are made by Twickenham Youth Theatre, who retain the right to grant or deny entrance. In incidents where behaviour policy is severely breached, this may result in only 1 week of trial period being granted. In this case, a refund for the remaining session may be given at the club's discretion.

4.  All fees are non-refundable. If a pupil has a long-term illness or injury, fees may be refunded at Twickenham Youth Theatre’s discretion. This does not include minor illness or holidays taken during the term.


5.  Pupils should NOT attend class if they, or anyone in their household, have any of the following symptoms or have done in the previous 7 days:

  • New, continuous cough

  • High temperature

  • Loss or change to sense of taste or smell

6.  If deemed necessary, Twickenham Youth Theatre Leaders may take pupils’ temperatures at the start of each club in a calm & friendly manner, using a non-intrusive, non-contact temperature checker if required.

7.  Your child should NOT attend the club and Anna Izquierdo should be informed immediately if ANY of the following applies:

  • If the pupil has symptoms of Covid-19

  • If the pupil has tested positive for Covid-19

8.  In class, if a pupil becomes unwell and is displaying symptoms of Covid-19:

  • They will be asked to move to a well-ventilated space at least 3 metres away from other pupils.

  • If possible and where staff are available to help, the child will be supervised in a separate room.

  • The club leader will decide if it is safe & reasonable to ask the child to wear a face covering and a disposable mask will be provided.

  • The club leader will contact the parent/carer for the child to be collected immediately.

9.  In the event of a National or Local Lockdown coming into force, all classes will be moved online and we will endeavour to keep class times & facilitators the same. Where it is not possible to keep the same teacher for online classes, we will ensure that a regular Twickenham Youth Theatre Director leads the online club and that all DBS certificates and training are up to date. A refund of 20% only of fees paid for the period of online sessions will be refunded, to allow for the adjustment in learning and lack of venue space. All other fees will not be refunded. * Please read below for more details.​


10.  Classes are private and run by club leaders without parental/carer supervision. We must be in agreement that those in our care are able to leave parents/carers safely and confidently in order to attend a class with us, as additional adults in the room can be distracting for pupils. Each Twickenham Youth Theatre leader holds an up to date Enhanced DBS certificate and at least one Twickenham Youth Theatre facilitator with 12hr paediatric first aid certificate is onsite at all times.  

11.  If a session is cancelled due to facilitator illness, it will be rescheduled or an alternative offered, possibly during the school holidays. If this is not possible, a refund for the cancelled session will be deducted from the next term’s fees.

12.  Twickenham Youth Theatre cannot be held responsible for classes cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control. If it is necessary to cancel a class due to adverse weather conditions/force majeure, class fees will not be refunded.

13.  Members must be on time to arrive and collected/dropped off at the time specified for their class, unless explicitly arranged with Twickenham Youth Theatre. Facilitators will arrive onsite no more than 5 minutes before a session begins. If members are dropped off to the venue more than 5 minutes before a session they will be unsupervised and parents/guardians do so at their own risk. For pupils with parental permission to walk alone, it is understood that the venue and equipment therein must be treated with respect.

14.  If a parent/carer is late to collect a pupil, the child will be kept inside the building. Please be aware that we may be unable to supervise them once the session has ended. Parents/carers are aware that it is necessary for us to clean and clear the space once a session has ended and any risk of injury to the child once a club time has ended is the sole responsibility of the parent/carer. 

15.  School age children in Year 5 are required to be dropped off and collected by a responsible adult. If the person collecting is different to the parent/carer specified on the registration form, Twickenham Youth Theatre MUST be informed prior to the class. Pupils from Year 6 upwards are permitted to walk home alone ONLY if explicitly arranged by the Parent/Carer in advance. Without this arrangement, they must be collected by a responsible adult as above.

16.  Drama is a physical activity and pupils take part in the club at their own risk. To minimise this risk, Twickenham Youth Theatre will always ensure that at least 1 drama leader on site holds a 12hr paediatric first aid certificate and in most cases EVERY drama leader working holds this certificate.

17.  Our Safeguarding and Privacy Policy can be found at our website. Please contact Anna Izquierdo if you would like to receive a pdf copy of these.


Twickenham Youth Theatre aim to offer members a safe space to explore stories and express themselves and their own imaginations in a nurturing environment, with the support of all members of the group. This behaviour policy for Parents/Carers and Members, has been created to help all taking part in our sessions to feel calm, confident and encouraged during their time with us. By signing our Registration Form and joining the club, parents/carers are agreeing that their child will adhere to the behaviour policy as set out below.


Whilst Youth Theatre is a space to explore and express a wide range of feelings and emotions, it is important that members try their best to listen to, and follow, the instructions of workshop leaders and assistants. This helps us to keep all children safe whilst they are in our care.

We teach children from a range of backgrounds and experiences. However, we ask that all parents and carers support us in the following requests, which help to make the theatre a safe & supportive space for all.

  • Members are expected to respect all teaching staff and pupils.

  • Members are asked to be kind to one another. This means that children should never intentionally hurt anyone physically or emotionally.

  • We ask that members join in with check in time and circle games, to show unity and support for all members of the group.

  • We ask that members try their best during games & activities and that they ask for help where needed.

  • We ask that pupils adhere to the rules set out by the workshop leader. These may include; not climbing/jumping/running in the space unless instructed as part of an activity and treating all members in a respectful and safe way.

  • Behaviour that puts the safety of others at risk will not be tolerated.

Behaviour Policy:

Twickenham Youth Theatre have a ‘3-Step’ Warning System regarding disruptive behaviour in all of our clubs. This is designed to allow members to make better choices and to reach their full potential in class. Workshop Leaders are expected at all times, to demonstrate patience & understanding of the member as an individual and to offer sessions that inspire, encourage and engage.

If a pupil’s behaviour is consistently disruptive, the following 3 Step warning system will be adhered to:

  • 1st Step – The workshop leader will issue a ‘1st Step’ verbal warning.

  • 2nd Step – If disruptive behaviour continues, the member will be issued a 2nd Step warning and may be asked to take a break from the game or activity. DSL (ANNA IZQUIERDO) will be informed.

  • 3rd Step – Following 2 verbal warnings, the member will be asked to leave the classroom for a minimum of 5 minutes and parent/guardian informed at the end of the session. If this happens on more than 2 occasions during the term, it will be decided whether it is appropriate for that member to continue for the remainder of that term.

  • If appropriate, parents may be contacted during the club and asked to collect their child from the session.

Serious behaviour incidents may fall outside of this procedure and the parent/carer will be informed at the end of the class. Any steps taken will be communicated within 24 hours.

Please note that membership is granted and maintained at the discretion of Twickenham Youth Theatre Leaders and their decision in each individual case will be final.

The Terms and conditions above have been set out to assist us in offering a safe, supportive learning environment for all. For any questions, please contact Anna Izquierdo at

***A note about our Covid-19 refund policy***

Although we would love to offer a greater refund in the event of quarantine, National or local lockdown, and to be in a position to make the switch to online classes optional, unfortunately (with venue hire fees often non-refundable, the ongoing cost of overheads including insurance, training etc) we are sadly not in a position to do so. Our aim, however, will be to offer an incredible experience for members online during any period of lockdown. Twickenham Youth Theatre Leaders teachers have completed many successful weeks of Zoom sessions in the past and we are confident that our online methods of teaching are engaging & enriching for the members and that they have a positive impact on member’s overall well-being during these times. Exceptions may be made only where a child has no access to Zoom. We do hope you understand and are grateful for your support.

Updated 12th August 2023

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